Purrecia oil cleanser is an effective cleansing oil that is gentle enough for the skin yet powerful enough to deep cleanse pores, dirt, excess sebum and other impurities. With the aim of incorporating double cleansing in your skincare regimen, we’re here with this extraordinary cleansing oil that will be your go-to product for adequately cleansing your skin on a daily basis and which will also help to remove any product on your skin effortlessly.

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Clean and safe beautyBelieve in AyurvedaSulphate , paraben freeTry it to believe it ☀️

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  • Clean, Cruelty Free Beauty

  • The Ayurvedic standard for beauty was always pure, fresh, seasonal and natural. Across all our products, we control the conception, formulation, manufacturing and sale of our Ayurvedic products, thereby ensuring quality & purity across all pillars. We use this philosophy to produce our line of treatments and our certifications attest to this.


The combination of saffron and honey is said to be very potent according to Ayurveda. Purrecia honey and saffron toner has anti solar agents which block the harmful UV rays of the sun and it has natural ingredients which moisturizes and tightens the skin

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  • 100% Ayurvedic

    Our products are certified 100% natural and inspired by Ayurveda recipes by the ministry of AYUSH. We conform to the highest quality control standards.

  • Plant Based

    We harness the power of plant extracts as a part of our commitment to using naturally effective and sustainably sourced ingredients to achieve superior results organically.